, News reports and pictures on London crown courts, General Medical Council and other courts en-us Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:48:59 GMT SOODIN: SUN REPORTER USED 'SHADY SIDE OF JOURNALISM' GREENWICH, SOUTHEAST LONDON A Sun reporter used the 'shady side of journalism' to boost the tabloid's readership by paying a police officer for inside information, the Old Bailey heard today (tues). Vince Soodin, 39, is accused of paying Sgt James Bowes £500 for confidential information lifted straight from the police computer records. The reporter allegedly landed a scoop on a child being attacked by a fox, and was offered tips on the search for serial killer Peter Tobin's victims by Bowes in June and July 2010. Prosecutor Peter Wright QC said Soodin was 'unquestionably a nice guy' but that did not excuse his actions. Tue, 30 Sep 2014 13:39:00 GMT PATEL:BREAKING BAD PLOTTER FELT LIKE 'MEXICAN DRUG WARLORD' STRATFORD, EAST LONDON A graphic designer addicted to Breaking Bad today (tues) admitted she felt like a 'Mexican drug warlord' as she fantasised about poisoning her own mother. Kuntal Patel, 37, said she felt she was starring in 'her own TV programme' and told jurors: 'I just lost the plot.' She is said to have laced her mother's Diet Coke with Abrin after she banned her from marrying the man she loved. Patel - who was working on a contract for Barclays - used the 'Dark Web' to buy the toxin from USA, Southwark Crown Court has heard. Tue, 30 Sep 2014 11:21:00 GMT SCHWIER: JAIL FOR CROOKED RECORD COMPANY BOSS TWICKENHAM A senior record label employee who stole almost £650,000 from Universal Music and lavished most of the cash on his staff was jailed for three years today (tues). Duncan Schwier, 52, swindled the world's largest musical corporation with false invoices for more than a decade. The music boss also spent £400,000 on his gifts and bonuses for own staff, donating £100,000 to charity. Isleworth Crown Court heard Schwier, who also spent more than £100,000 on personal items, was not motivated by greed but an insatiable appetite to 'help others.' Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:46:00 GMT ROMANIAN MECHANIC KILLED BIKER ROMFORD A Romanian mechanic killed a motorcyclist while he was taking a client's car for a test drive, a court heard today (TUES). Liviu Cojan, 33, was in collision with 42-year-old Martin Pullin as he pulled across three lanes of traffic in Romford, Essex. Nightcub bouncer Mr Pullin who was on his way to work, had no time to slow down and hit the rear of the Renault Laguna driven by Cojan. He was thrown into the central reservation, suffering fatal injuries. Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:44:00 GMT POLIDANO: CONSTRUCITON FIRM FINED AFTER BUILDING SITE HORROR LITTLEHAMPTON/CLAPHAM A construction company was fined £140,000 today (TUES) after a crane operator lost part of his leg in a horrific accident. Ben Polidano's legs were crushed under a six-tonne, top heavy L-shaped steel and concrete bridge part which toppled over as it was being winched off a wagon. Mr Polidano, 34, and colleague Kevin Franks, who managed to leap to safety, had no idea the beam was filled with concrete and were 'in the dark' about the risks involved, Southwark Crown Court heard. He was left permanently disfigured by the falling beam which trapped both his legs and left him helpless until a mobile crane could be brought in to lift the beam off him. Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:09:00 GMT ORTON: NURSE BLEW IN SICK BABY'S FACE COVENTRY A nurse with a throat infection left a colleague in shock after she said a sick baby 'shouldn't be here' and blew into its face, a tribunal heard today (tues). Claire Orton walked off giggling after exhaling onto the 'extremely poorly' infant's face at University Hospital, Coventry, Warwickshire, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard. Colleague Daniel Top said a number of nurses were talking about when the baby's care should be withdrawn while they were in the staff room. He said he was shocked when Orton repeated some of the comments at the infant's bedside before deliberately exhaling hard into its face from inches away. Tue, 30 Sep 2014 13:37:00 GMT