, News reports and pictures on London crown courts, General Medical Council and other courts en-us Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:19:08 GMT RYAN WILMOTT: JAIL FOR THE INSIDER DEALER READING A company director who hid behind his girlfriend's identity to place illegal trades for 'profit and greed' has been jailed. Ryan Wilmott, 33, helped himself and a family friend net £30,000 by abusing his £60,000 a year position as Head of Financial Planning and Analysis at Logica. Canadian rival CGI Group were planning a takeover of the UK company when Wilmott used inside information to place trades under his girlfriend's name and tip off his associate. Wilmott was made redundant from Logica before his crimes were exposed and now works as a joint director of the family business, Wilmott's Reading Limited. MEMO Fri, 29 Mar 6740 14:27:47 GMT TREVOR COSSON: NHS SWINDLER ORDERED TO PAY BACK A FORTUNE HASTINGS A finance chief who conned an NHS primary care trust out of more than £2 million to invest in a property portfolio has been told to pay back £2.1m today (fri). Trevor Cosson, 38, was jailed last year for authorising £1.4m worth of payments to be made to his own bank account over a four year period. He also transferred a further £800,000 after stating the money was meant for St Michael's Hospice in St Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex. Cosson, who was caged for five years and four months, has been threatened with an additional six years imprisonment unless he pays up, Blackfriars Crown Court heard. Fri, 29 Mar 1280 14:27:47 GMT MOORE: THE MASTER OF DISGUISE WHO WALKED OUT OF JAIL ILFORD One of Britain's most devious conmen is facing years behind bars after he walked out of jail by convincing prison guards he had been freed on bail. Neil Moore, 28, is a master of disguise and impersonation and he adopted multiple personas and spoke in both men and women's voices to mastermind an elaborate web of frauds, hoping to net £1,819,000. Finding himself behind bars at Wandsworth Prison 'ingenious' Moore set up a bogus domain name registered with the identity of the officer who was investigating him. Moore then sent an email purporting to come from the Court Service to trick guards into thinking he had been freed by a judge and simply walked out of the category B prison. Wed, 29 Mar 6620 14:27:47 GMT VIJ: GAMBLING ADDICT COULD FACE JAIL ILFORD A former estate agent who previously avoided jail for scamming house hunters out of thousands of pounds by renting his parent's home could soon be behind bars, a court heard today (FRI). Gambling addict Sumeet Vij, 29, has twice been before the courts for claiming the address was to let to steal deposit money off hopeful tenants. He was jailed for six months by Wood Green Crown Court at the beginning of 2014 for the scam at Sandringham Close, Ilford. Only a few weeks after completing his licence period, he was at it again, and conned a total of £20,875 out of 14 victims between July and September 2014. He then blew their hard-earned cash on gambling binges at the Westfield’s Aspers Casino. Sat, 29 Mar 6560 14:27:47 GMT COURT BATTLE OVER GREEK STAUTE CENTRAL LONDON A ‘unique’ Greek sculpture worth up to £2m is at the centre of a legal dispute after being looted from a UNESCO world heritage site in war-torn Libya and smuggled into the UK, a court heard today (FRI). The superb marble statue, which depicts a Greek woman wearing a hood and flowing gown, is unparalleled besides a single comparable example in the Louvre, Westminster Magistrates Court was told. It is said to been smuggled out of North Africa, via Dubai in 2011, before it was uncovered in a west London warehouse by customs officials two years later. Libya has been plagued by looting and cultural vandalism since the fall of Colonel Gadaffi in 2011, with the resulting power vacuum effectively ending the state-sponsored preservation of Libya’s multiple Greek and Roman sites. Tue, 29 Mar 1520 14:27:47 GMT TONY MCSWEENEY: JAIL FOR THE PERVERT KNOWN AS 'THE FAT VICAR' HOUNSLOW, NORWICH A voyeuristic Catholic priest dubbed 'The Fat Vicar' who repeatedly abused a vulnerable boy at a care home run by his paedophile friend was jailed for three years today (fri). Father Tony McSweeney, 68, watched as manager John Stingemore fondled a teenage in the shower Grafton Close Children's Home in Hounslow, west London, between 1979 and 1981. The clergyman, once part-time chaplain at Norwich City FC, also collected vile child porn over 'decades' and was caught with a drawer crammed with sex toys by his cleaner. McSweeney was leading the congregation at St George's Church in north Norwich when the claims against him emerged in 2013. He was originally charged with Stingemore, 72, but the care home manager died weeks before the trial was due to start. Sat, 29 Mar 9580 14:27:45 GMT