Hospital worker’s sex sessions in the operating theatre


A cheating hospital worker who had sex with a patient in an operating theatre has been thrown out of the profession.

Married Neil Bamsey gave the single mum his mobile number while pushing her around on a hospital trolley after she had an x-ray and shoulder injection.

Former soldier Bamsey then sent her 37 text messages and they met for coffee the next day in the cafe at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

CCTV footage caught them cavorting in an abandoned theatre suite for 17 minutes on 13 September 2013.

Bamsey learned he would be struck off after a Health Care and Professions Council panel found all allegations against him proved.

He was found to have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Patient X by calling and texting her from his work mobile, having sex with her in an abandoned theatre, engaging in oral and full sex with her on another occasion, and pressuring her to lie when questioned about their relationship.

His meeting with Patient X was found to be sexually motivated and his attempts to influence her were ruled as dishonest.

The panel concluded that his actions amounted to misconduct and decided his fitness to practice was currently impaired.

The sex sessions came to light after the woman told her community mental health worker about their steamy meeting, who then relayed the story to Bamsey’s colleagues.

Bamsey continued to bombard the 48-year-old woman with calls and texts before meeting her at a pub to allegedly coach her on what to say if questioned.

After the meeting, the pair had oral sex in his car then romped in a field.

The woman was described as vulnerable with a history of depression, anxiety and self-harm.

Bamsey tried to conceal his relationship with Patient X by deleting the texts he sent to her, but they were later recovered from his phone.

Elisabeth Acker, for the HCPC, said Patient X wrote a letter withdrawing her allegations against Bamsey in December 2013 after he pressurised her to cover up their secret sex sessions.

Patient X returned to the hospital in May 2014 and told staff she changed her story because she felt ‘spooked’ by Bamsey, the hearing was told.

Bamsey admitted giving the woman his work phone number and texting her on 12 and 13 September, but claimed he only responded to tell her to stop contacting him.

The disgraced hospital worker said his hand was shaky and he called Patient X by accident, resulting in their phone conversation.

But Ms Acker said that CCTV footage, telephone records and Bamsey’s hospital swipe card history exposed his story as false.

She said: ‘The 37 messages suggest it was not just one text back asking her not to respond, and phone records show a 29 second call – that does not suggest a misdial that was immediately hung up.’

Bamsey denied having sex with Patient X and presurising her into changing her story.

He was struck off.

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