A senior nurse who repeatedly flashed female colleagues and asked them to measure his manhood has been thrown out of the profession.

Spencer Lowe, 36, told a fellow worker she ‘looked good enough to eat’, and added that he often imagined her in ‘bright red lace underwear’.

The psychiatric nurse exposed himself on several occasions at the Reaside Clinic in Birmingham and even asked a shocked nurse to measure his manhood.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council decided to ban Lowe from practising by striking him off the nursing register.

NMC chair Laurence Peterken said: ‘The incidents represent a pattern of escalating misconduct between approximately 2002 and 2005.

‘The registrant’s actions represented a serious breach of boundaries with his colleagues.

‘As a Mental Health trained nurse, who qualified in 2001, and who had achieved manager level, he should have known that his behaviour was entirely unacceptable.

‘Some of the facts which we found proved could have led to criminal charges.

‘We consider that the registrant’s conduct is fundamentally incompatible with continuing to be registered with the NMC.’

The allegations covered a period of three years during which Lowe had a number of different senior nursing positions.

He taunted one Christian nurse, Miss A by flashing his manhood and asking her if she would ‘like a bit of white in her’.

She told the hearing Lowe exposed himself and ‘jingled and wiggled’ his penis around.

‘I was working in the resources department but I was on my own this particular morning,’ she said.

‘He had come in to check a staffing issue. I heard the door shut. I always keep the door open and I thought maybe he had knocked it on the way out.

‘So I turned round but Lowe was with his back towards the door with his penis out again.

‘I think his trousers were open. It seemed in comparison to the first time a bit fuller, but I don’t think it was completely erect.

‘He sort of was jingling and wiggling it. I said ‘what are you doing? I’m a Christian and you’re a married man, it’s not appropriate’.

Ward supervisor Miss C had made Lowe a cup of tea and was making notes in a book with a ruler when he asked her if she would like to measure his manhood.

Turning him down, Miss C was flashed yet again in September 2005 in her office when Lowe said he had ‘something to show her’.

When she turned around, Lowe was showing off his manhood and performing a sex act, the hearing was told.

But it was not until Lowe approached Miss B that he was reported. He told her she looked ‘good enough to eat’, the panel heard.

He later told Miss B he often imagined her in ‘bright red lace underwear’ and asked to see what was in her knickers.

Lowe, of Rednal, Birmingham, did not attend the hearing where he was found guilty of behaving in an inappropriate sexual manner on seven occasions between 2002 and 2005.