A serial flasher who exposed himself to a breast feeding mother months after a judge let him off for a similar offence has been jailed for eight months.

Kardelle Rowe, 22, pleasured himself outside his victim’s flat in full view of the horrified mum who was cradling her three-week-old baby.

Earlier this year Rowe was spared jail despite admitting performing a sex act on himself whilst standing at woman’s bedroom window during the Christmas holidays.

Judge Martyn Zeidman QC had ordered Rowe be subject to supervision, despite warning at the time: ‘I am worried that if I were to let him out today he may well commit another offence.’

A second judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court finally decided it was time to jail Rowe today.

After earlier hearing how Rowe repeatedly flouted the community order and a sexual offences prevention order, the judge Mr Recorder James Dawson QC said: ‘I am going to sentence him to a fairly short custodial sentence and then he will have to sort his own life out.’

But Rowe – who has a string of convictions for flashing – will be back on the streets in just four months as part of an early release scheme.

Prosecutor Gareth Munday said: ‘At one o’clock in the morning on June 4 this year, the victim was sitting at home in her ground floor address, looking out of her window.

‘She was at the time breast feeding her three-week-old baby.

‘She noticed there was a figure outside the window.

‘She saw that it was in fact Mr Rowe who had his trousers down.’

Rowe was performing a sex act on himself just yards from the woman’s window in Hackney, east London.

‘She screamed at him,’ said the barrister.

‘He turned around and walked away very calmly.’

Police were called and Rowe was arrested but refused to comment in interview.

He later admitted exposure and breaching both a sexual offences prevention order and his community order when he appeared before Thames magistrates.

In December, Rowe had struck in nearby Clapton when he leered into another woman’s bedroom at about 11am.

The terrified victim dialled 999, worried Rowe might try and clamber through her window.

Bill Nash, defending, blamed Rowe’s breach of his community order on ‘confusion’ over the sentence handed down by Judge Zeidman three months ago.

‘Regrettably, following his appearance here in May there was confusion over exactly what order the court had made.’

Passing sentence, Recorder Dawson warned: ‘When you come out, you must not re-offend and you must certainly not expose yourself to women.’

Rowe, of (Flat 19) Heanor Court, Pedro Street, Clapton, admitted exposure, breaching a sexual offences prevention order and breaching the terms of a community order.