Traffickers smuggled people OUT of Britain!

A gang of people smugglers have appeared in court after they allegedly trafficked people OUT of Britain.

Azize Benaniba, 39, Abed Karouz, 29, Amor Ghabbari, 31, Mahmoud Haidous, 51, Mohammed Bechkit, 35, and Mohamed Abdelhadi, 48, are all charged with conspiracy to facilitate illegal migration.

The elaborately co-ordinated scheme allegedly involved the defendants bringing north Africans into the UK on illegal tourist visas before smuggling them into France in HGV vehicles.

The court heard that the defendants made between £750 and £1,000 per smuggled migrant.

Prosecutor Mewesh Shah said: ‘On 21 February 2023 sixty-four people were found in the rear of a Spanish registered HGV at the port of Calais arrived from Dover.