Nurse set off fire alarm to see colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran down the corridor


A  nurse who set off an emergency alarm on the ward so he could watch a colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran down the corridor has been struck off.

Aaron Kibaja was manager on the dementia ward at the Highbury Hospital in Nottingham and acted inappropriately to four women between 2012 and 2016.

In 2012, Kibaja pulled the alarm when there was no emergency and simulated breasts bouncing with his hands as his panicked colleague dashed down the hallway.

Three women claimed Kibaja would drop pens or keys on the floor and ask them to pick them up.

He would wink at them and say: ‘Go on, you want to.’

Kibaja deliberately blocked doorways so that they would have to brush past him and groped at least two of the women while doing so.

He also gestured to his groin and asked a colleague if she would ‘do his lollipop.’

Kibaja told another staff member she was ‘sexy’ and ‘pretty’ and asked: ‘Can I touch your bum?’

He then said to her, ‘I could give it to you from behind.’

In a phone call he told her he missed her and breathed deeply down the line.

Another woman was told she was going to ‘get it wheelbarrow.’

He told her she had ‘a fine rump’ and referred to her breasts as ‘twins’ and called her ‘farty arse’.

Kibaja was informed of the allegations in January 2016 which he says were a ‘shock.’

Asked what he thought it was all about, Kibaja said: ‘I do not know and I do not think I will ever know.’

He denied all the allegations against him and told the hearing: ‘I never said any of those things.

‘The supervision meetings would be around the role and care and safety and would be talking about sessions in terms of support given or support required.

‘It will entirely depend on what will happen on the ward.’

Kibaja said he conducted his supervision meetings in private either in his office or in the office of one of the deputies.

He told the panel he was proud of his work on the ward and what they had achieved, although he conceded management could be difficult.

Asked if he said if one of the women had a ‘fine rump’ he explained that he was talking about eating steak on a night out: ‘I never said that to her – that she has a fine rump.

‘I can only recall a conversation as a team and I believe it was in the mess office where they were planning a night out as a team.

‘I had never been on any night out with staff, the conversation was around what individuals like to eat and drink and I recall me saying I drink Jack Daniel’s and Amaretto and the fact that my wife was a vegan, but when I go out I will have a steak.’

Kibaja added: ‘From the time the allegations was said about me it has never been the same, not only for myself – I am a father with four kids, I so love my wife, I married her in 2015.

‘That was in February and the allegations came around the time I lost my dad in December.

‘From the beginning I am telling the truth and only the truth and that is what I will still say now.’

Since he left the Highbury Hospital, Kibaja has been working at The Firs care home as the clinical manager in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

The panel found that in most instances his behaviour was sexually motived and NMC panel chairman David Flinter said: ‘We have considered matters very carefully and we have found the facts to constitute misconduct.

Striking smutty nurse Aaron Kibaja off, panel chairman David Flinter said: ‘The panel has considers this case very carefully and has moved to make a striking off order from the register.’

‘This order is necessary to uphold the standards of the nursing profession and restore public confidence.

‘You have not demonstrated any understanding of the impact of your behaviour towards your junior colleagues and you have not shown any sign of remorse or apology.

‘Your abuse of your position of authority and that your behaviour caused significant emotional harm to the four complainants.

‘You have demonstrated a persistent lack of insight into your conduct.’



1) On an unknown date in 1012 you a) hit the Silver Birch Ward emergency alarm when there was no emergency on the ward.

b) Simulated breasts bouncing with your hands when Colleague 1 ran down the corridor in response to the emergency alarm you had pulled.


2) In relation to Colleague 2, between mid 2013 and July 2014 on one or more occasions:

a) Blocked the entrance to an office or room and pushed your groin against her when she’d passed you.

b) Said to Colleague 2: ‘You look sexy,’ ‘Can I touch you?’ Can I touch your bum?’ ‘You are pretty,’ ‘You have nice lips, bet you could do good things.’

c) Made suggestions about oral sex.

d) Deliberately dropped items on the floor in order that Colleague 2 would bend over and pick them up.

e) In connection with the above (d) said, ‘I could give it to you from behind.’

f) Placed your hand on Colleague 2’s hand.


3) In relation to Colleague 3:

a) Between December 2012 and December 2015:

i) Said ‘nice bum.’

ii) Blocked doorways when Colleague 3 attempted to pass through and by so doing forced Colleague 3 to squeeze passed you.

b) On 19 September 2014:

i) Offered to examine Colleague 3’s breasts.

ii) Said ‘Go on’ while nodding your head and moving your groin area.

c) On 10 March 2015, during a phone call with Colleague 3

i) Told her you missed her

ii) Breathed deeply down the phone

d) 1 May 2015, during a meeting about her return to work following a wrist injury.

i) Suggested Colleague 3 gave him a hand job.

ii) Said ‘You can still do lollipop’ and made a gesture with your hand and mouth implying oral sex.


e) 7 May 2015:

i) Told Colleague 3 you could help her build up strength in her wrist.

ii) Made a sexual gesture to indicate how you could help Colleague 3 build up strength in her wrist.

f) 3 July 2015:

i) Deliberately dropped a pen under your desk.

ii) Said, ‘Go on, you want to,’ whilst winking at Colleague 3 and moving your groin area.

g) 17 July 2015, during supervision meeting with Colleague 3:

i) Asked Colleague 3 if she would like to ‘do’ your ‘lollipop.’

iii) In connection with (i) leaned back and in your chair thrust your hip.

h) 23 October 2015 during supervision meeting with Colleague 3:

i) Dropped your keys under the desk.

ii) Asked Colleague 3 to pick up the keys.

iii) Thrusted your hips.

iv) Winked at Colleague 3

j) 25 November 2015, whilst in you office:

i) Winked at Colleague 3

ii) Asked Colleague 3 if she would like to do your lollipop.

iii) Pointed at your groin.

iv) Winked at Colleague 3 again

v) Responded to her query by saying, ‘You know, lollipop.’


4) In relation to Colleague 4 between May 2015 and April 2-16:

a) Invaded Colleague 4s personal space.

b) Said, ‘You would, wouldn’t you.’

c) Referred to Colleague 4s breasts as twins.

d) Threw your keys on the floor and asked Colleague 4 to pick them up.

e) Touched Colleague 4 on her side, on her breasts and lower back when passing her in the corridor and or office.

f) Told her she had a fine rump

g) Called her ‘farty(sic) arse’

h) Told Colleague 4 that she was going to ‘Get it wheelbarrow’

i) During a call about work asked is she would go out for a drink with you.


5) Your conduct above was sexually motivated etc.