‘That man on CCTV going to my dad’s home is not me,’ says accused ‘Lottery Killer’

Jurors in the trial of accused ‘Lottery Killer’ Danyal Hussein  have been shown film of  him allegedly buying the knife he used to stab two sisters to death.

Hussein, 19, is accused of murdering Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in Fryent Country Park, Wembley, northwest London, on June 5 last year.

He had entered into a written pact with a ‘demon’ to sacrifice six women every six months in return for the Mega Millions Super Jackpot – and signed his name on the contract in his own blood, the Old Bailey has heard.

Jurors were told CCTV shows Hussein leaving and entering the park and his blood and DNA were found at the scene, but he denies being there.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow, QC, told them: ‘Can I make it clear that Mr Hussein does not accept he appears in the majority of that footage.’

Jurors watched a video of a man dressed in a blue jacket and light jeans leaving Hussein’s father’s address on Old Kenton Lane on June 3 before heading to an ASDA in Edgware Road.

‘In this clip is Danyal Hussein buying various items including a set of knives,’ said DC Jo Hinchliffe,

The man is asked for ID in order to buy the knives and is shown to take off his face mask and hand the cashier a passport in order to confirm his identity.

‘He takes out his wallet in order to pay for the items.


‘You can see a pink bank card which he uses in order to pay for the items,’ said DC Hinchliffe.

‘He tries to put the knife block into his bag but can’t fit it in.

‘You can see him going back with his wallet.

‘He is purchasing one of those ASDA bags for life. He leans over the counter.

‘He puts the block of knives onto that bag.’

Earlier the court was told that Hussein had reported the Monzo card used to buy the knives as stolen on June 16 and denied he had it at the time of the sale.

CCTV cameras showed that same man, carrying the ASDA bag and a blue rucksack make its way back into Hussein’s father’s address.

Later that evening, he is again captured on camera leaving Hussein’s father’s address before heading back to the ASDA to buy a roll of gaffer tape.

‘You can see in the footage he is still has a white mask and is still wearing that Nike rucksack,’ the officer said.

‘You can see he has on what looks like a pair of surgical gloves.

‘He purchases the Unibond power tape.’

The court heard that the power tape was advertised as ‘extremely strong’ and ‘tear resistant’ which means that scissors are necessary to cut through it.

Clips from the day of the murder showed the two sisters buying supplies for the party from a Co-op in Kingsbury, smiling and chatting to cashiers.

‘You can see Bibaa selecting tonic water which was found in the park,’ said DC Hinchliffe.

The two women had danced in the sunset at a party for Ms Henry’s birthday, which was being held in the park to meet lockdown restrictions.

Their bodies were found in the undergrowth with their limbs intertwined after friends mounted a search for them in the park two days later.

Ms Henry, a social worker, had been stabbed eight times and Ms Smallman, who worked in the hospitality industry, had suffered 28 injuries, the Old Bailey heard.

When the sisters’ bodies were discovered by a horrified friend on June 7, Hussein’s blood and DNA was found on their bodies and various items including the tonic bottle.

The last CCTV footage of the sisters showed them entering the park on 7:39PM, carrying a number of bags including a heavy duty blue plastic bag.

Hussein’s DNA and that of Ms Smallman was found on the knife, which was identical to one the man had bought in a set from Asda.

His blood was also found in the undergrowth near to the bodies of the two women, on drinks bottles from the party and on a pair of latex gloves discarded at the park.

Hussein was caught on CCTV returning to his home at 4am on the Saturday morning.

Later that day he went Northwick Park hospital to seek treatment for cuts to his right hand and told doctors that he had been mugged at 10pm the night before.

Hussein, of Guy Barnett Grove, Blackheath, southeast London, denies two counts of murder.

The trial continues.

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