A sadistic teenager who tried to impress a girl with a homemade horror movie showing him butchering a mouse escaped jail today (Weds).

Andre Yankey, 19, dubbed himself a ‘mouse killer’ as he used a power tool to slice the poor animal open and drill into its eye.

The personal trainer said on camera the mouse would be ‘terminated with The Blade of Doom’ as he tortured and eventually killed it.

During the 90 second clip Yankey boasted: ‘This is what happens when a mouse comes into my house.’

But Yankey landed himself in trouble by sending the snuff film to a friend, who was so traumatised by what she saw that she called the RSCPA.

Yankey appeared in the dock at Westminster Magistrates Court today (Wed) after he pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal on July 31.

‘The video shows Mr Yankey using a handheld grinder to purposely injure and torture a live mouse stuck to an adhesive trap,’ Wendy Gutteridge, for the RSPCA, told the court.

‘Mr Yankey is seen brandishing a handheld Dremel multi-tool, he faces the camera and explains how he is a mouse killer.

‘He says: ‘Mice want to f**king coming into my house, they get terminated with the Blade of Doom’.’

Yankey then cut open the mouse and drilled into its eyeball, causing blood to spurt out across the room, the court heard.

‘The mouse is clearly still conscious and is frantically struggling to free itself,’ Ms Gutteridge added.

‘Mr Yankey is clearly seen to be enjoying himself, saying ‘grind that bitch, cut that bitch right open’.

‘After around one minute and 15 seconds, the mouse ceases to move any further.’

Ms Gutteridge said blood stains were found on the walls on Yankey’s house, and his trainers were ruined during the killing.

He was found out when he sent the video to a pal, Virginie Lambertucci, via social media Whatsapp on January 28 this year.

Ms Lambertucci was so repulsed with what she saw that she called the RSPCA and blocked Yankey’s number in her phone, the court heard.

‘She was so traumatised by the video she was unable to sleep, and sent the video to the RSPCA,’ Ms Gutteridge added.

‘She was so distressed and sickened by the video that she told Yankey not to contact her again.’

Yankey was arrested on February 5 this year and admitted torturing the mouse when he first moved into his west London flat in 2010.

‘He said he felt like a complete fool,’ Ms Gutteridge added.

‘He said he wanted to kill the mouse and conceded it would have caused pain and suffering.

‘He said once he had killed the mouse, he threw it in the bin along with the glue mat and his trainers.

‘He had a mouse problem when he moved in, and he hated mice.’

Representing himself, Yankey told the court that he filmed the clip when he was 16 and that he had sent it to Ms Lambertucci by mistake.

‘When it happened I have to admit I was immature and silly at the time and when it got sent this year it wasn’t intended purposefully to the person I sent it to.

‘It was a different file that I selected to send and it came up with this.

‘I’ve been affected a lot by this, especially since July 31 with newspaper reports which has had a worse effect on family and friends.’

Yankey was also given an animal welfare warning when arrested after his pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found without food and a small corn snake was being kept in a tiny tank.

The terrier has since been rehomed as Yankey’s housing contract prevented him from keeping dogs in the property, the court heard.

Lead magistrate William Hammond handed Yankey a 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and a two-year ban from owning animals.

He also ordered the forfeiture of Yankey’s mobile phone and sim card, and the forfeiture and destruction of the Dremel multi-tool.

‘As you are aware these type of offences are considered as very serious,’ Mr Hammond said.

‘If you are to commit any offences within the next 12 months you will automatically go to prison for 12 weeks.’

Yankey, of Walterton Road, Paddington, west London, was also ordered to pay a £230 fine and complete 150 hours of community service.