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cnl_dr_a_adedeji_web.jpgCAMBERLY, SLOUGH, HORNCHURCH

A doctor and two nurses were today (FRI) dramatically cleared of killing a woman who bled to death after travelling from Ireland to the UK for an abortion.

Dr Adedayo Adedeji, 63, Gemma Pullen, 32, and Margaret Miller, 55, were formally acquitted of the gross negligence manslaughter of Aisha Chithira, 32, after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Ms Chithira was 22-weeks pregnant when she underwent the operation at the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, west London, on 21 June 2012.

She collapsed several hours later while travelling in a taxi in Slough, Berkshire, and died of ‘extensive internal bleeding’.

Prosecutor Sally O'Neill QC told the Old Bailey the decision to drop the manslaughter charge was taken following a review of the case.

No detailed reasons for the decision were given in court.

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Gun dealer Richard Rye was part of a gang which intended to flood Britain with AK-47s from the same supplier as the amourer who supplied the Charlie Hedo killers. His attempt to hide in McDonalds was not entirely successful.

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May 06, 2016


cnl_j_gray_web.jpg SUTTON

The partner of a stay at home dad accused of murdering his six-year-old daughter complained the couple were being 'victimised' by teachers concerned about the girl's absence from school, a court heard today (Fri).

Ben Butler, 36, is charged with murder and child cruelty after Ellie Butler suffered catastrophic head injuries at the family home in Sutton.

Teachers from Avenue Primary School in Sutton sought medical evidence to explain why she had missed nine school days before returning on 14 October 2013 with marks to her head and a bruised eye.

Her her mother Jennie Gray, 36, became 'furious' when asked to produce a doctor's note and claimed Ellie had already taken a note to school.

Jurors heard that Gray then accused staff of discriminating against her and her abusive partner because of 'pre-conceived ideas' following Butler's conviction - later quashed by the Court of Appeal - for assaulting Ellie in 2007.

In an 'urgent' email sent to the school on 24 October 2013, Gray wrote: '[I] believe the school have a pre-conceived ideas about us as parents and believe the actions of the school have reflected this.'

It continued: 'The doctor's note that Ellie gave to the teacher...was put back into her bag and the school telephoned to say they wanted the letter.'

Gray said the High Court judge had described Butler's 2007 conviction as a 'miscarriage of justice', adding: 'We [Gray and Butler] believe we are possibly being victimised here and treated differently due to pre-conceived ideas.'

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  May 06, 2016



A knifeman who was filmed as he allegedly carried out a single-handed terror attack on a commuter in a crowded tube station is facing four more charges, a court heard today (Fri).

Muhiduin Mire, 30, is accused of battering a 56-year-old victim unconscious and hacking at his neck in an attempt to behead him at Leytonstone Tube station.

He then turned the knife on four other passengers in the frenzied five minute incident at on 5 December last year.

Mire was disarmed by police officers who used tasers to overpower him.

He faces one charge of attempted murder of the 56-year-old man known only as 'Witness A.'

Mire was told today he faces four further charges of attempted wounding of David Pethers, Daniel Bielinski, Serena Valori and Andrius Sabaliauskas at a brief hearing at the Old Bailey.

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May 05, 2016



A teacher asked a pupil to help him avoid becoming a '40-year-old virgin'
has been thrown out of the profession.

Edward Merry used the girl's personal email account to send her a barrage of innuendo-filled messages while teaching at Hedingham School and Sixth Form Academy in Halstead, Essex.

He made references to 'sharing body heat' and suggested he would 'try not to stare next time' she walked away.

A National College for Teaching & Leadership have now banned him from teaching as a result of his sexually motivated conduct.

Merry worked at the school for more than seven years and the emails between him and the girl took place on the verge of his final year there.

In emails he told her he would 'try anything once' in a flirtatious context as well as making references to Windows steaming up.

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  May 05, 2016



A prison officer accused of recruiting an inmate to take revenge on another convict breached 'jailcraft' when he had a private meeting with the alleged attacker first, a court heard.

Calum Kerr, 27, is accused of recruiting Karlton Cummings, 37, to assault 21-year-old Kerney Grantham in Norwich prison.

Prison CCTV showed Kerr speaking with Cummings in his office moments before the attack.

Grantham who was jailed for shooting dogs with an air rifle, had attacked two prisoners and slashed Kerr with an improvised knife only nine days into his sentence.

Local newspapers covered the attack on the guard and Grantham kept the cuttings in his cell - along with a chair leg and an improvised 'shank,' the Old Bailey heard.

After time in segregation, Grantham was given his own cell on 'B' wing in the jail.

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