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zzcourtroom2.jpgCENTRAL LONDON

One of Britain's most well known barristers has earned himself an embarrassing criminal conviction after failing to notice a change in the law on car insurance.

Sir Ivan Lawrence QC, 77, was illegally at the wheel of a Ford Focus when he was stopped by police in central London in May this year.

The legendary criminal defence barrister thought he was insured on the car, which had been loaned to his wife while her usual vehicle was being repaired.

However, he was forced plead guilty to driving without insurance when it transpired the laws had been changed.

He issued a groveling apology to magistrates as he was hit with fines and costs totaling £525 and six points on his licence.

Sir Ivan, who was an MP for 23 years and advised a string of Home Secretaries on legal matters, confessed he was 'embarrassed' by the conviction.

But he blamed it on changes to the law that meant he was not automatically insured on the new car.

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Sex worker Mariana Popa was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack by Farooq Shah in Ilford, east London, on 28 October 2013. Prosecutors suggested he had warned her not to work near a mosque.

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July 24, 2014


cnl_l_panton_web.jpgCENTRAL LONDON

A tabloid journalist and a healthcare worker have appeared in court today (thurs) accused of making corrupt payments.

Former News of the World crime editor Lucy Panton, 39, and care worker Alan Hagan, 47, and both face a charge of misconduct in public office.

The pair appeared at the Old Bailey for a preliminary hearing.

They spoke only to confirm their names and have not yet entered pleas to the allegations.

Prosecutor Stuart Biggs said the prosecution is considering whether to join the case to a related trial involving Panton.

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  July 24, 2014


cnl_l_sandell_web.jpgCENTRAL LONDON

Rebekah Brooks' chauffeur and three innocent security guards who were accused of helping the former News International chief executive to destroy phone hacking evidence have been cleared.

Lee Sandell, 28, Daryl Jorsling, 41, David Johnson, 48, and driver Paul Edwards, 49, were dragged into the hacking scandal after being accused of involvement in an elaborate cover-up.

Detectives found a text quoting classic war film Where Eagles Dare saying: 'Broadsword calling Danny Boy, pizza delivered and the chicken is in the pot', and believed it was code for a plot to hide evidence being successfully completed.

The four men were accused of helping Mrs Brooks, 46, and her husband Charlie, 51, pervert the course of justice when hacking detectives were waiting to search their homes.

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July 24, 2014



An innocent Rwandan accused being 'wanted for genocide' has accepted substantial libel damages from The Times after an editing mistake left him afraid to leave his home.

Noble Marara, the former chauffeur and bodyguard of Rwandan president Paul Kagame, was defamed in the headline: ‘Driver wanted for genocide says he fears for his life’.

The Times accepted the headline was ‘published entirely in error and is false’ and apologised to Mr Marara, who now works as a psychiatric nurse in Kent

Athalie Matthews, Mr Marara’s solicitor, said: ‘The matters which led to the publication of the article in question, and the erroneous headline, are as follows.

‘On Tuesday 11 March 2014, the Claimant gave evidence as a witness in an extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London in support of the defence case of Vincent Brown, one of the men whose extradition is sought by Rwanda.

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  July 24, 2014



A Russian tycoon who was gunned down in front of his luxury London flat two years ago will face an extradition hearing in September over an alleged plot to assassinate a rich banker.

German Gorbuntsov, 48, who was shot six times in a murder attempt in March 2012, is wanted in Moldova to stand trial over the claims.

He was discharged from hospital today after having surgery treatment for his injuries.

Gorbuntsov is accused of ordering the contract killing of businessman Renat Usatiy, in a fight for control of a bank worth more than £5?million.

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